Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Games I played exhaustively in Gainesville I find myself noticing the lack of, like continuously sliding my tongue over the spot formerly housing one of my baby teeth. (This is not a "I miss so and so about ____ city).

Just so we're clear on this.

1. Bocce, or boule if you are of the French persuasion (or P├ętanque if you live on, or travel to, Smith Street during Bastille Day).
I think of Turkey Lake and his endless, man-made empty draining sites behind the Matt (Capri). Also, I think of Kyle/Evan/Andrew's house and certain bets that were made that require certain people to move to New York.

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(Floyd exists and so does Union Hall, but I'd like to have some people who would go with me and plan on hanging around and playing for a while.)

2. Backgammon (Shesh Pesh).
I hardly feel competitive, but I do when I play Shesh. And online Backgammon is when your bullies cover you up in sand at the beach save your genitalia, then someone comes along and gives you a disappointing hand job.
My patience for teaching this game is short-sighted and my level of comprehension for the game is smug enough thanks to the brilliant professorial ship of one mr. yonaton gabison. (I you Yona.) Amanda and I found a place in the black hole that exists between Carroll Gardens and the Slope (it's really dark at night) and there you can rent a Shesh Pesh table and play. I don't want to rent a table, I own a board. But, methinks, perchance they have a league. No Dice. This place exists somewhere on 3rd Ave. Amanda think it called "Rook's Nook." But it ain't. That name is tooo cute, so it must be an Amanda invention.

3. Table Tennis
I fell in love (again) with this game in my waning days of Gainesville eyes half-opened, lazy ways. I haven't found on outlet for my build-up here. I know a few places exist. Mikey's Hook-Up computer repair, for example, has a ping pong table in residence. A few bars here and there in Billyburg, but I've lacked the wherewithal to go out and have a good time with strangers and friends I don't know. I think it's finally time to make my way to Southpaw for (w)reck room night.

4. (finally) Table Futbol
Another game that brings out my competitive demarcation. My defensive skillz are killer. Royal Oak is a can of sardines, and filled with people.

In conclusion (transitional phrase), I just finished Keret's The Nimrod Flipout. Reading Keret is eating at a satisfying Tapas Bar. Or consuming amuse bouches that taste refreshingly tragic.

more on Etgar later.


Ryan said...

i miss bocce too.

Jessie Lucia said...

Just you wait...winter is the time for all of the games you crave...weekly game nights are a very likely possibility. Summer and autumn are for soaking up every moment of outsideness.