Friday, September 7, 2007

More Edumacation

I was trying to figure out where I could get a Slingshot Organizer up here (I figured, being New York, they sell them somewhere, and they do. But sheesh, out of 5 places that sell them in Florida, 3 are in Gainesville.) and I came across this article in their current issue: "Who's Schools? Not Ours"

It's about a teacher in Oakland, CA, unsurprisingly another place where The New Teacher Project has set up shop. All I know of high need schools in New York and of the Teaching Fellows is from what I've read and what I've overheard from Eric; maybe he'd like to weigh in on all this... ahem!

But I'm provoked to a similar reaction every time I read these kinds of things about our nation's schools:

"Teachers in public schools — especially, although not only, urban schools — look at what is happening around us and conclude that public education as an institution may soon cease to exist. Some kids will still be educated well — if they can pay for a private school. Those who can’t will attend a hollowed out shell of a school, with exhausted and severely depleted missionary teachers. Public schools will be nothing more than holding pens for the unemployed of the future — in Oakland, for example, the African-American kids, the Latino/as, the Cambodians and Laotians and Ethiopians and Yemenis and Vietnamese and Hmong and on, and on."

This kind of thinking seems a shade pessimistic to me because of the public education I had. I feel very fortunate. And I also feel upset. This argument is probably more realistic than pessimistic. And certainly more true than it should be.


David said...

Check out this documentary.

plastic said...

bacons closet in williamsburg sells them, maybe in the slope too. thats right bacon, a wonderful smelling but ideologically disgusting closet.