Saturday, September 15, 2007

Racist CBS?

(As Gator football players Tim Tebow and Tony Joiner talk to each other on the sidelines and Joiner gives Tebow a peck on the cheek)

"CBS Commentator Verne Lundquist: Tim Tebow and Tony Joiner are roommates now. The African American senior and Tim Tebow, the white sophomore, they have become very fast friends.

CBS Commentator Gary Danielson: Sure has; one guy is kind of the face of Florida, does everything right, the other guy got thrown off the team once. They kinda are learning from each other aren't they?"

We were just minding our own business, watching the Gators play Tennessee with our friend when we heard this from the CBS commentators. Tebow would be the one Danielson is referring to as the "face of Florida" and the one who "does everything right."

Before they mentioned it, I didn't realize race was a factor in their behavior. Thanks, CBS.

UPDATE (Later in the game; while discussing Gators Running Back Chris Rainey, also an African American)

"Danielson: His older brother is...

Lundquist: I'm having a senior moment.

Danielson: 'Aka He Hate Me' ... Rod Smart! The only guy anybody ever remembers from the much maligned XFL.

And he says he can beat Noel Devine, did you read that quote too? He said he’d race Noel Devine into Wal-Mart. I hope they weren’t racing away from the Wal-Mart if you know what I mean."


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plastic said...

i care. its messed up. you'd think those guys would have more respect for young black college males they are around them and talk to them all the time.

i responded to your comment by the by. bobby thomas!!!