Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Trio of Videos

Tis' the season for trios. Father, son & holy ghost. The Ghosts of X-mas past, present and yet to come. Pecan, apple and pumpkin pies.

So, I bring you a trio of videos for your viewing pleasure.

This first one was recommended by Eric's Victorian Lit professor, Dr. Tremper. If you haven't heard of the Bonobo monkeys, you probably live in the jungle (ha ha!). But, even if you have heard of them, you should check out this video put together by researchers who are studying them. If you can't believe in the immaculate conception and virgin birth, you can believe in these monkeys. (Note: It's a long one- 19 minutes)

Next up is a video from one of my favorite features at Slate. Emily Yoffe writes 'The Human Guinea Pig," a column of her adventures doing things that "readers are too well-adjusted to try themselves." To date, my favorite column was her foray into life at a retirement community. Now, she's gone and one-upped herself, spending a day as a drag king. You can find the article here, but the gold nugget is the accompanying video. If you can't believe in the menorah's eight candles burning bright, you can believe in eight drag kings singing away the night.

Lastly, a funny one from Down Under. From other clips I've seen, this sitcom, "Summer Heights High," is "The Office" at a high school. This clip is the drama teacher, Mr. G, explaining his process in the classroom. Not only did I laugh when I saw it, I simultaneously pictured our own Mr. G singing to his students at Science Skills Center High School. If you can't believe in the Kuumba, or spirit of creativity during Kwanzaa, check out creativity in motion. (Thanks to Caitlin for sending it to me)

Happy videos to all, and to all a good night.

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i gots to get me a bonobo