Sunday, January 6, 2008

More Cop Out Blogging

Hoping to get a job in the next week. I'm one of two people left in my class to have not landed myself a permanent teaching job. But I've got high hopes and two teaching demonstrations this week for jobs. Wednesday and Thursday. Think of me if you get the chance. I got an ominous e-mail from the NYC Teaching Fellows office about my status in the program being zilch if I don't get a job by February 1st. The two schools I'm going to this week seem like my best prospects to date. So there's that.

In the meantime, before there's real news to report, I was watching the Sundance channel today and actually saw a poem on TV. Granted, it's Billy Collins, and I don't particularly care for his mainstream platitudes, but I was happy to see a poem on TV nonetheless. A Youtube search turned up a few others, so I've posted them here:

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rogerwhitson said...

Yeah, jobs suck. But you have great charisma, Amanda. That should count for something.

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