Thursday, July 17, 2008

Making People Jealous

I don't want anyone to feel as if Eric and I sit at home wasting our summer off from work, so I thought it'd be thrilling to recount the movies we have seen so far!

Into the Wild- Sappy. Doesn't make it any better that it's a "true story." However, good to watch right before our vacation to Canada.

The Corporation- This documentary is scary as f*ck.

Two Towns of Jasper- Town is all charged up with racism, but thinks itself tolerant. Heartbreaking.

I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With- Jeff Garlin is great. Sarah Silverman is not.

Be Kind Rewind- I think the press was a little harsh on this one. Wouldn't harm a fly.

Get Smart- Saw it on principle while in Florida, since a movie in the theater is only $5. Not awful.

I'm Not There- Didn't think Marcus Carl Franklin was all that great, but everyone was right about Cate Blanchett.

Full Metal Jacket- Through some strange turn of events, I own this movie but had never watched it. D'Onofrio is great. Plenty of beautiful shots and gore.

Knocked Up- I begrudgingly accept this as a decent movie.

Persepolis- I got this thinking I might watch it. It turns out do have an anti-animation complex. Still not sure if it has to do with suspending disbelief. Eric will have to comment.

Mad Men Season 1- Half way through so far. Outlandish but at times really smartly written.

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Winky said...

First of all, where in Florida does a movie cost only $5?

Second, I had to watch FMJ seven times in a matter of 2 weeks, I consider myself ultimately desensitized to ultra violence, and can now quote more than just the drill sergeant. You got girlfriend, Vietnam?

Third, as for Persepolis, I think it was a decent adaptation, but in my mind it seems kind of redundant to make a "cartoon" out of a "comic."

there. I read it.