Thursday, January 22, 2009


From the Gowanus Lounge...

The Brooklyn Public Library 4th Annual PowerUP! business plan competition awarded Brooklyn Fudge with $15,000 for their great business plan on how to get more people to eat more fudge. Amanda Jones has concocted one hell of a business plan that has spread her family’s secret fudge recipe throughout our great borough, and broken the all limitations by creating a fudge that is both kosher and vegan! So, congratulations Amanda and Brooklyn Fudge. We look forward to breaking our resolution with a big ole hunka Dark Wasabi Pecan… or maybe the Dark Raspberry Almond?

MMMMMM.... Yeah! Okay, so it's not really me that makes it (ha ha Nick), but doesn't the Dark Wasabi Pecan sound awesome?


Weinkle said...

At the Chocolate Fest in Miami, I tried Wasabi Honey. A little intense, I wouldn't want to eat a whole bar of it, but 'twas certainly tasty.

superior said...