Monday, May 4, 2009

Happiness Project

Via Slate, I found out about this blog called The Happiness Project. We have six weeks left in school until summer, and in these next six weeks I'm going to make an attempt at my own Happiness Project. If it fizzles, that's fine with me, but it feels worth a shot.

Initial thoughts:
According to the blogger over at The Happiness Project, there are some big, guiding insights to being happier.

1. To be happier, you need to think about FEELING GOOD, FEELING BAD, and FEELING RIGHT, in an atmosphere of growth. Clunky, but it works.

For me, the following things outside of myself make me feel good:
  • planning successful lessons for my job
  • creating things (poems, collages, this blog)
  • keeping the spaces I spend time in organized (including my classroom at school, even my school bag)
  • making my lunch for myself, making my coffee in the morning
  • watching baseball on TV
  • getting enough sleep

Things outside of myself that make me feel bad:
  • getting behind on my school work
  • weekend days spent recovering from nights out
  • being too lazy to go places to meet with friends
  • spending too much time indoors
I'm not sure I understand the feeling right category yet, but if I figure it out, I'll post.


DCS said...

Are you forced to watch the Yanks and Mutts up there in NY? Sickest. I guess you'd get quite a few Rays games though that way.

bethany said...

Thanks for sharing this, lady. I think it's a great idea and will totally be starting my own. I feel a little lost since i basically stopped writing over the past couple years, and i've been thinking about starting a journal or something. This seems like the perfect sort of thing to start with.

My guess is that things that feel "right" and "good" will often have a lot of overlap, but sometimes the things that feel good won't necessarily feel right (as in best for you). The grey areas of life?

plastic said...