Monday, May 11, 2009


What a waste. I downloaded the program RescueTime a while ago to monitor where I go when I'm on the computer. I never check it, most frequently because I already know where I go and I'm ashamed of it. Until right around now, I had forgotten about my first year in Gainesville when my internet and television habits were out of control.

I should read more. I think after I finish Ways of Seeing I will need to pick up an easy novel. A novel besides The Sound of Waves? Insanity.

Grad school is starting again next week and I'll have plenty to read there, but it's Diverse Whatever Edu Psycho etc.
If you can't read the title, squint. Yes, it's called Adolescence. I can't wait. I hope it's written in diary entry format.

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Steve said...

Didn't we already obsessively study this topic in agonizing detail for years already?