Wednesday, June 13, 2007

First Freedom

Eric and I had been talking about setting up a blog once we moved. He's sleeping on one side of the bed right now and I'm supposed to be writing. So here's the blog.

- A


ryan hickey said...

i made the first comment. i win.

hope you kids are well. i saw evan and ben off last night. look after them, as they cannot look after themselves. 'cause they're drunks.


p.s. i trust that Oh No! shan't be needing my garage anymore... perhaps i'll rent it out to another g-ville band.

Brette said...

Well, Ryan left the first comment, but I had an old blogger account, so now he's the first runner up.

It's like being right next to you again.

Turkey said...

more like free

well i am the blahnteenth person to leave you a comment so amanda and eric you love me more right? right? right?


chama said...

alright, where are the nude pix?
that's all I look at blogs for anyway.


LC said...

well, i miss you so much and i hope life treats you mysteriously, thats always more interesting. love you lots

-lauren c

frances said...

if you don't update more I'll forget this is here.

see you soon-ish...