Monday, June 18, 2007

Bowling for Dollars

Eric and I are both having a big week as far as real work goes. While I'm going to a "business lunch" tomorrow for my internship with the lit mag A Public Space, Eric starts his official NYC Teaching Fellows training. I'm also writing a lot for the green site, which launches soon. I'll post a link when it does so you can learn how to green your sneakers.

We're also going big on distractions from all this work business. Last night we heard a fiction reading at the KGB Bar. Saturday was the first free concert of the summer in Central Park; Beth, Jason, Eric and I went over and saw Television play a set. Later this week there's a show for Break Thru Radio, an internet radio site, in Brooklyn.

Coincidentally, Eric was just interviewed by BTR for a feature on ¡Oh No! and the Tiger Pit (his band, if you didn't know. don't get snarky if you did know. this blog is for America).

- A

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