Saturday, November 3, 2007

Poet Top

I'm inspired to write by the stupidity of this item I found as I was browsing Gap online. (I go through periods of heavy on-line window shopping every so often).

Amongst the rest of the outerwear (isn't everything other than underwear actually outerwear?) such as the patch pocket coat, the puffer jacket, and the three-button blazer, this little number didn't really catch my eye. Until I realized it was the poet top.

Obviously when I realized what it was, I had to have it. Actually no, that's not true. It still looks like a bland, brown item to me.

But, I was taken with the genius of calling something a poet top. I wondered, if I wear it, will I write more or better poems? Does wearing this boring top make the poet more creative because she must then fight her outward appearance as a dullard? Is this the top Emily Dickinson used to wear? Robert Frost? Does William Logan have a closet full of these in Gainesville?

55% silk, 45% linen. Dry clean. Oh right, Gap. You expect me to believe a poet of little means will send this top to the cleaners?

The details sound like a poem in themselves:


Shirring around collar-
less neckline, button front, hits
the hip, puffy sleeves.

So now you know what I want for Christmas. On sale for $24.99.


plastic said...

good G_d, think of all the things you could buy for $24.99. At least two Plath poem books, Bell Jar and a "poem book"? 6lbs of heirloom tomats!

caitlin grace said...


Miss Twinkle said...

Ooh, this top is dry clean only, which means, "it's dirty."

Poet top.

stiched by little chinese hand,
brown strikes me as rather bland
but it is style says the gap
poets like to dress in crap..

Jessie Lucia said...

I like the poet top. It's kinda my style...does that mean that I am the real poet in this friendship?