Tuesday, May 5, 2009

False Alarm

I'm in professional development time right after 8th period class. I can't believe I could already be in a bad mood. My lesson was well thought-out. It had been working successfully all day. And then 8th period was a nuthouse.

This is another thing that makes me feel bad: students that have all the potential in the world, but are their own worst enemies. And I'm not helping. This is outside of me. What can I do differently?

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Steve said...

at least there's a long a sound and cognizance of a the silent e, wrong word but still.

I deal with this on a daily basis here working with youth who are the bottom of the bottom of the barrel and it drives me insane. They like to wear their ignorance as a badge of honour, and act like they're above learning.

Anyway, I now know how it feels to put a lot into lessons that fizzle... it's not you.