Friday, May 8, 2009

Ups and Downs

I got an e-mail back with the resolution chart from Gretchen Rubin, the Happiness Project blogger. It's interesting. Each month has a different resolution, with columns for smaller, concrete activities and ideas for meeting that resolution. Then there's a row for each day to record the activities that worked toward that resolution. I like the idea, though I'm going to try it on a smaller scale. So here's my chart column headers based on the things that have me feeling good and the ways I can change the things that have me feeling bad.

MAY’S RESOLUTIONS: Keeping positive at work while making time for myself outside of work

“Order is Heaven’s first law.” —Alexander Pope
Planning lessons
Keeping spaces organized
Making my coffee & lunch
Getting enough sleep

Spending time with friends
Exploring other neighborhoods
Being outdoors
Creating things

These last three days have been a series of ups and downs. I've been doing great with keeping organized and making my coffee (though I've been buying my lunch lately). But, these are the easiest for me.

The hard ones are in the second group. However, Wednesday evening I had a great time hanging out with Ellice after work and unwinding at Alchemy (outside my neighborhood!). This hasn't been the best week for being outdoors because it's been icky weather. Yesterday was pretty rough in the afternoon, as in my lessons weren't going over well with the kids AT ALL. I started to lose it. It took Jeanine's prodding to get me to stay to perform in the school play (a group of teachers have put together a song and dance as a finale). Although the performance didn't completely boost my mood or , I did it, and got to spend more time outside my neighborhood afterwards with Elena and Ellice. Then I planned lessons for today and watched the Rays beat the Yankees.

I probably need a template for writing about these resolutions. I'll work on it.

And my birthday is tomorrow! Me time.

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